SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Analysis, Crawlability, Optimization

Our team determines the key targets and roadmap by researching the competitive sector and existing competitors.

Afterwards, our team examines the visibility and keyword positions of the competitor websites, makes comparisons with the competitor websites for the relevant brand, and determines the topics to be optimized based on the analysis.

The technical analysis phase include: the inspection and planning of category hierarchy, reviewing the URL structure, website speed analysis, mobile compatibility checks, sitemap, and Robots.txt file checks, crawlability and indexability checks, visual optimizations, metatag checks, structured data markings, internal linking checks, UX & UI optimization recommendations, malicious link analysis, and domain rejection studies.

During the content analysis processes, our team takes care of the optimization of existing content, duplicate content checks, crawlable content checks, keyword density, weak content controls, and determining strategies for new content generation. They work closely with content writers by preparing SEO-compatible briefs for generating new content. 

Also responsible for the smoothest implementation of website transition processes, our team coordinates the reporting of the things that need to be done before the website transition. In addition, the healthy process management between the website administrators and the software developers, the  preparation of routing plans, and providing checks once the website transition process is done falls under our team’s responsibilities. 

For backlink management, it is also among the responsibilities of our SEO team to determine the appropriate profile for the purchase of backlinks from suitable websites, to carry out the studies for link acquisition by contacting these websites, to check their suitability, to design the study, to initiate the study to increase the rankings of the target keywords in the search engines after the approval of the project.