Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

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Operation, Optimization, Growth

During the strategy phase, our department manages the processes of determining both short and long-term brand strategies, foresight studies for future terms, budget planning depending on brand KPIs and planning expansion strategies for foreign markets.

During the operation phase, our department takes care of the processes of determining advertising channels and managing ad panels along with campaign optimizations, product segmentation, determining target audiences according to user behaviors, setting up bid scheduling & targeting optimizations and installing various script automations on accounts.

By developing automation projects for operational processes and consequently reducing the time spent on repetitive work, our team gets the opportunity to spend more time on optimization and strategic analysis.

Collaborating with the Product Analytics team, our team uses machine learning models to create fixed audiences through segmentation, and integrate those audiences to ad structures in order to ensure a personalized approach. 

During the reporting phase, our team leads the processes of channel based reporting, both weekly and monthly. These include regular product brokenness reports, and weekly brand performance review meetings.

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